Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 2

Sometimes I still look at you and am amazed that you're actually my kid.. abit hard to process the fact that I'm now a dad. =) your dad.. =)

that's you sleeping in your favourite position with your hand up to your face =)
and that's me with my new squeaky toy..

You seemed to have grown a fair bit these 2 weeks.. ur face definitely looks rounder and ur thigh's getting bigger too.. u also don't seem as flimsy as before. But you holler so much more now and refuse to sleep.. feisty little boy.

Mighty Foot!

You also had some friends come visit you.. granny came with your favourite (and only) auntie and Jeremy visited! Then Owen came to visit too! =)

and yes.. your very own eeyore's waiting for you to get bigger.. =)

Stay healthy my dear..


Took some time to fiddle around with the phone again today.. in between managing Brandon's whines. FINALLY updated to BBOS10.2.1 and apparently it comes with some pretty neat features.

You see, for the longest time, I (and every other BB user and his brother's uncle's cousin who owns one) have struggled with the lack of apps that Blackberry devices face. We hear of all the cool stuff that Android and Apple users get (ie instagram), but BB users around the world never gets a part of that.. right until now.

With BBOS 10.2.1, u can now load android apps directly onto the phone, without either 1) downloading the android's APK file and converting to BAR files and then hooking up the phone to the PC and loading it via some BB software.. or 2) or finding those BAR files that were previously converted already and then doing the whole PC/software/install process.. now, with the new OS, u can just hit download and it'll download and install, all by itself. The better part of this afternoon was spent trying to find out WHERE to get these APK files from. THIS is one such website that lets u download the APK files directly, cos if u follow links around and wind up on Google Play's website, u actually need to log in and OWN an android/google device before u can install/download anything.. that said, it was still a nasty trip.. half (or actually all) the apps I grabbed and threw into my phone returned with errors. Either not installing, or not running or running with no buttons/functions.

And then, there was Snap.

Enter Snap.. a BlackberryDroid if you will. For those familiar with BlackBerry World, this is the similar version of it, except that it hosts android apps.. and mind you, Snap works flawlessly on the Q10. I pulled it off Blackberry World, installation was quick, and then lo-and-behold, I could now browse through tonnes of paid and free android apps.. apps that were never available to blackberry users before..

my personal favourite is the AXS and MacDonald's app.. haha.. wheee…

Sunday, March 9, 2014

0 Week

Week zero.. well, actually it's the first week but it really depends how you count it. Forwards or backwards..

Either hows, he's a little more awake now at the end of his first week of being a little human being. Not so much of a sleepy head anymore.. probably the jaundice wearing off. Actually, he does seem pretty alert.. probably gets it from mummy =) eyes darting around all the time and always looking like he's resisting falling asleep, just to wonder off and explore the room around him.. curious little fella.. just like his dad.

0 Week.. grow up safe my dear. =)

Brandon's Journey

Decided to put up a page to document Brandon's journey..


Friday, March 7, 2014

Canon Colour Profiles

Mental note to Self..

Don't ever mess with the Colour Profiles for the printer again, or risk wasting another whole day at it.

  1. Use Photoshop to do whatever you wanna do and compose/edit/create/whatever you want.. don't bother yourself with colour/ICC profiles.
  2. Save it.. don't bother yourself with colour/ICC profiles.
  3. Use Canon's Easy-PhotoPrint EX software and select the photos.. don't bother yourself with colour/ICC profiles.
  4. Don't mess with the settings/preferences there either.. don't bother yourself with colour/ICC profiles.
  5. Hit PRINT and smack your forehead wondering why you didn't just use this in the first place.. colours come out right everytime.

Moral of the story?
Don't bother yourself with colour/ICC profiles.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Mother of All Updates

Ok, so by far, since the very first post I made in 2006, this has been the longest stretch I have gone with no posts.. looking back it's been a good year since I last posted anything. 1 year and then some..

Honestly I have no idea how to update anything at all. There's just been too many things happening this past year, where do I start? Haha..

Ok, so let's try.

In the biggest news by far, I now officially have a new squeaky toy.. =)

Meet Brandon.. my new squeaky toy.

Brandon; meaning Prince or Brave.

It has been a long, long journey and as of 01 March 2014, Brandon took his first breath and is now officially a new member of our family. =) From the very first time we saw him at the gynae's, all the way up till the time we found out it'd be a boy, right through to the moment we heard his first cry, the journey is simply nothing short of fantastic.

Yes, I can already hear everyone telling me that the worst is only yet to come with the sleepless nights to follow and the feisty teenage boy to handle and all that.. heck, I was one myself.. but for now, I'll just bask in this joy and the fact that I'm now officially a dad. =)

Above: The little pea shape size with, surprisingly, a heartbeat that tells us that we're gonna be parents..
Centre: The little pea growing not-so-little anymore..
Below: The little pea slowly forming his little features..

Above: 19 September 2013, the day we found out our little pea was gonna be our little prince..
Below: Yes, I know, I'm still trying to find the resemblance with the squeaky toy above.

The most beautiful woman in the world just became a mum..

The little fella's having a borderline jaundice case, so he's currently catching a tan in his very own tanning studio now.. I guess that's good, cos it gives both mummy and daddy (woot!) some time to rest and settle down before bringing him home..

Dear Brandon, daddy prays that you will grow up to be strong, healthy and wise. May you walk closely with God and lean on Him at all times to provide you for everything that you will need. This world is a nasty place, but we're in it to make a difference and however small it may feel to you, you will make that difference too.. remember that in your darkest times, you are never alone in this world and you can always call on God to be there for you. Also, in your happiest moments, never neglect those around you, cherish your friends and in everything, give thanks. I pray that the Lord watch over you every step of the way as you grow up and that you'll be the man that God wants you to be. Be safe and healthy.. daddy looks forward to bringing u fishing and hiking and hearing of all your wonderful little stories =)

In a quick newsflash, it has been a busy 2 weeks leading up to the arrival of brandon.. I am thankful that the countless, nightly chants to him to come out only on 1st march paid off (yes, it actually worked.. u'd be surprised, ha).. major exercise over and shooting competition over.

It's actually the first time that I have participated in a major shooting competition, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity to have done so.. furthermore, it only gets sweeter when u don't come home empty handed.. we swept every possible award for the pistol event and won the overalls for the other disciplines.. leading up to the overall champion of the shooting meet =)

double-happiness..Match 1 and Top 5.

Ok, THAT took a while..

In other news, it has been 3 months since I left the company.. or rather, since the company left me. I still recall it rather vividly as I embarked on this new journey in late 2012.. I can't say that it was a smooth sailing journey, I definitely will not say that if I had the choice I'd do it all over again.. I'd just say that looking back at what I posted, God has His own timing and His own will. At that time, everything seemed ridiculous and out-of-control (as with most things when they follow His will rather than your will), but at the end of the day, I'm thankful for the journey and it has taught me much. Over and above personal/professional grooming, I have also made friends there that I believe will last me a lifetime..

I have also checked so many items off my bucket list with this tour. I recognize that had I not embark on this journey, these things would never have been possible.. from milestone overseas exercises, involvement in our nation's birthday and even performing well for the courses I attended.. these were really gifts that I did not deserve but that were graciously bestowed upon..

Moments just before the big day, and the big day itself..

Cherished friends made overseas and memories that will last a lifetime.. I am thankful for the experience that I have had and the many lessons I have learnt from it.

Thank You for seeing me through one of the most testing periods of my career thus far.. indeed, You are good and You have been there every step of the way as I made that struggle to be who You wanted me to be.. even at times when I felt alone, You were always there.

Thank You for sending me angels to remind me that things weren't that crazy when I felt I was spiraling out of control and for sending me companions that understood me through and through.. I acknowledge that it was purely by Your strength, wisdom and grace that I was able to accomplish what I did, without which, I would be nothing. I guess I probably wasn't the best person for the job, but I thank You for giving me this opportunity to be used by You in such an extent and I am truly grateful for the chance to have served You in this manner.. I pray that You will continue to use me as a willing vessel to achieve the many great things that You have planned, and I only ask that You watch over my family, just as You have watched over me.

and finally, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to mention about the trip back to perth.. it seems like a routine.. an annual rite that we have to do, else we'd feel misplaced.. this time, we went with 3 others.. the bestest crew in the world.. a fuzzy and his fuzzette, a smurf and his smurfette and a worm take a trip to find father penguin, mama penguin and little penguin.. =) I'm a little lazy to put this up as a post all by itself like the whole series on "The Twip" (read about it here: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI and Part VII).. I really think that was just youthful energy and a whole load of time to spare.. but for now, I'm just gonna rest with these.. enjoy =)

Celebrated baby ethan's first birthday.. had a whole lamb, loads of food, family and friends.. one big party for one small penguin.. we found out that we ended up being colour coded, hah.

Visited a beach and also went to Penguin Island, where Ethan saw his long lost friends.. =)

..Mother of All Updates indeed.. will try to do this again soon. =)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Collecting dust..

*blows dust off*

This place seems dead.. think it needs some updates.

But i'm lazy..