Friday, June 29, 2007

The DIP Journey

Decided to compile my entire DIP journey for easy referencing.. =)

Well, the journey has indeed come to an end and what better way to commemorate it then to have Channel News Asia come down and film our project. Heh.. how cool is that. So please tune in to Channel News Asia on the 11th July 2007, 2030 hours (Singapore time). Not sure how it’s gonna turn out but well, it’s better than nothing. Although I do have one bit to complain and that would be that our prof Handsome wasn’t the one being interviewed.. dare I be so daring also to start a conspiracy by saying that I’d bet it was NTU’s idea at not letting our prof get interviewed since he was gonna leave the school for Australia..

Ok, so much about that, we also cleared away the entire project board, meaning that there’s nothing left, so we’re never EVER gonna get called back for any sort of testings.. *grin* but perhaps, after spending so much time in the lab, we’ll prob treat it as a in-between-lecture pitstop. Kinda like a hang out place.. and hey, the lab technicians welcome us back too.. so what can we say.. aww..


my DIP journey as follows..:

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