Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Here!!!

It’s finally here! Came in the mail yesterday, pleasantly surprise.. didn’t know that it can actually be squeezed into the mail box. Hah.. meet my polarizing filter. =) Decided to blog abt it since I usually include pictures but for obvious reasons I can’t take a picture of my own beloved camera which has been the workhorse behind all the pictures on this blog. Hah.. unless I use a mirror of sorts.. hmm.. *ponders*

all the way from Hong Kong.. funny though, the ebay shop I got it from is an Aussie shop. Heh.. GLOBALISATION I tell you..

So anyway, for 30 bucks, I got me an adapter tube for my Canon Powershot A520, a UV filter, a Polarizing filter and a lens cap to protect them.. all delivered to my door step. Well, not quite, in this case, to my letter-box. Right.. ANYWAY. It’s quite a steal I’d say, cos I remember contacting Alan Photo from Funan Center and they quoted me $80 for the tube and polarizer only. Of course, it might just well be a higher-end/better quality stuff but for now, I’m satisfied with these.. =)

Top: clockwise from top left; Lens Cap, UV filter, Polarizing Filter, Adapter Tube
Bottom: Closeup of my Adapter Tube

So finally I can try attempting to take slightly ‘better’ pictures, now armed with a filter. Interestingly, it’s been more than 3 years since I owned this camera, and it’s only in the past month that I started using the full Manual mode, over the Aperture priority or Shuttle priority.. for some reason, I’ve never really ventured into it. So perhaps now’s a good time. =) and on top of that, I finally get to USE the ability to attach adapters and filters onto my camera.

Top: Before using the Polarizing Filter
Bottom: After using the filter and turning it to the maximum effect. Time and Space; it was evening when I got the package and the sun was nice and bright.. =)

Once again, a big Thank You to all who have contributed to my camera.. Best present so far. Even after all these years, I Love It!

Friday, January 23, 2009


That’s the condition of my eyes right now. The past week has been hell, I’ve probably had only a total of 15 hours of sleep since Monday.

It’s become a routine, the intensity would get louder and louder and then in one climatic resounding snort, it will all end. Quietness will prelude for 5 seconds, before the whole cycle repeats itself again.. all throughout the endless night.

It has come to the point that I can even notice subtle things.. like every hour, there would be a 10-minute window of blissful silence.. where if I’m fortunate enough, I’ll get about 20 minutes of sleep, before being woken up again only to endure till the next window. And also other things, like the sky starts getting visually bright at about 0715 and that the birds outside will start chirping at about 0632 every morning.

My emotions have gone from anger to frustration to helplessness. It’s only week 3 and I have ten more weeks before the semester ends.. how I’m gonna put up with this, I have no idea, and I can’t even begin to imagine how the exam-period would be like. I’m paying 5 bucks a day for my hostel, supposedly so I can get more rest and more time to myself rather than traveling, alas, the contrary would be so; I’d most definitely get a lot more sleep and a lot less annoyance at home.

I believe that in the past nights, I’ve had more swear-words in my head than all of my army-life combined.. not to mention murderous and violent impulses that I’ve to grit my teeth to fight with. And to top if off, what with the lack of sleep and irritation, I’m now starting to sniff and CNY’s just round the corner.. GREAT.

ya.. I know I asked for patience, but right now, I feel like it’s more than I can bear.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hail to the King!

Well, ya, not quite The King, but at least I think the new president’s gonna be a tad bit more effective than the previous. Was just watching the ceremony to swear Obama into the office earlier today and other than the slight fumble he had with his oath, I thought it was one heck of a speech.. where does a man learn to speak like that.. I would probably never know. In a way, I’m happy to have been ‘part of the moment’.. I was contemplating hard whether I should drop my work and go watch the ceremony earlier.. in the end, figured that it’s a once in a lifetime thing, and it’d be nice to look back and tell myself that ‘Hey! I was watching the first black man get sworn into the White House..’ =)

Well, flash-by update, school’s been zipping by and I’m beginning to wrap up the 3rd week already.. there is some SLIGHT progress in my fyp, a silver lining which I can only thank God for, and so I’m just hoping to make the best of it. Have to wait and see what the verdict is on Friday.

Did I also mention that CNY’s like just round the corner.. (ya like who wouldn’t know) For some reason, CNYs never appeal much to me. Other than the fact that it’s a day off school and I get ang pows, I pretty much loathe it.. all that serenity and pretty lights and calmness that’s ushered in with Christmas just gets thrown out the window with the town painted red literally, loud obnoxious ‘music’ playing and the never-ending sea of ppl everywhere.. in a way I’m tepid abt this one. Perhaps the only other good thing would be meeting my cousins and my granny..

just some randomness.. got bored.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Wonderful, Splendid, Magnificent, Superb, Outstanding, Fabulous, Remarkable.. it’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious..

It’s finally up! After a failed initial attempt, I’ve finally gotten the photos stuck up, now there’s finally some colour at my desk. Abit sad tho, that I’m only doing this for my final semester in hall, I still remembered telling poh that I’ll put photos up and what –nots while we were waiting to ORD, and now, after so many semesters of procrastination, I’ve finally got them up. =)

Tadaa!! Now I just need more space to hold more pictures.. =P

Come to think of it, there’s still space, so I can squeeze a whole load more photos, like those from the DIP, internship, and misc other fun stuff, but I’m just wondering how I’m gonna house them when I eventually move back home.. haha.

It’s the 2nd week of school, I honestly think this semester’s gonna zip by faster than the rest, especially so cos I’ve got a short school week.. still, I’m praying that I’ll make the best of this sem.. haha.. typical ‘I promise to do all my tutorials’ speech at the beginning of the semester.. =)

Latest Earwax, Bon Jovi’s Have a Nice Day.. ok, again, I know it’s nothing new.. but I like it.. (thanks ben!) definitely one of the top bands of my choice..

"Not a Boy-Band but a Man-Band".. =)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Furball Update

Ok, school’s started and as if it’s a sign, my hamsters started fighting the day before I moved back to hall. Anyone with hamsters know that they’ll beep and squeak occasionally, the typical ‘play fight’ as it’s called..

But on Monday night it got slightly serious, Hamlette starting chasing Omelette round the cage and there were tiny wound marks on Omelette’s feet.. the inevitable had happened.

I’m not sure how and why it started, all I know is that the previous few nights the beeping and squeaking got more intense.. perhaps they’re PMS-ing.. hah. =P

So now, for the good of the rounder and more docile Omelette, I’ve separated the 2 sisters.. tried putting them back together after a night but they starting fighting again.. now I'm not sure if they’ll ever be able to be housed in the same cage again.. sighs..

managed to catch this picture on Sunday night, the night before the big fight, hopefully it’s not gonna be the last picture I have of them together.. oh wells..

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Phone

Let's see.. I'm slouching on my bed, leaned back comfortably.. My ears are plugged into my happy earphones which are plugged to my happy phone and it's playing from my happy songlist in it..

I'm listening to LifeHouse's Blind, I'm connected to the MSN network via the wifi that I'm receiving in my hostel's room.. And I'm actually blogging.. All done from my wonderful little phone..

AMAZING! It doesn't get any better than this.. Somehow, I no longer feel as crippled being in hall without my computer as i used to. =)

This really IS the happiest phone I've owned so far..

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Usually I’m not the type who’ll be blogging 2 times in a night/day.. but I thot that this is one chance that’s abit too hard to miss.. I’d pretty much kick myself if I didn’t do this now and eventually forget/give it a miss.

As you can guess, I’ve been struggling abit with my FYP for some time, and I’ve also got an interview tmr morning.. so as much as I’m trying to stomach it and trust God, in His own special way, God has sent his ‘angels’ to comfort and encourage, as He always does..

Quoting from a conversation with Batman,
“In All circumstances, just remember.. none of our problems could happen w/o God's permission. “
“Everything that happens to a child of God is Father - Filtered, & He intends to use it for good even when Satan & others mean it for Bad”
“Trouble produces patience, & Patience produces true Character!!”

you see, sometimes, it’s not that we don’t know these things, it’s just that we need a little reminder.. And it’s these very little encouragements that God drops along the way, that reminds us how faithful God’s love is; if we’d only open our eyes to see these ‘angels’ and God’s love, perhaps we’ll be less concerned about how big our mountain is and actually start to realize how big our God really is.. =) what's your mountain today? Perhaps it’s time to Let Go and Let God..

Happy New Year

My first post of the new year.. so here’s a shout out to all, Happy New Year everyone!

School’s starting tmr, and I’m not too sure if I’m exactly looking forward to it, as with all year-end holidays, the break’s really short, and just as I had expected it, it totally zipped by. Amongst the few things to be glad for, I’m thankful that I managed to catch up with some friends, made some news ones, work on little things that I’ve been wanting to do, hack, I even managed to travel out of the country.. so it’s not all too sorrowful after all. And best up, I’ve got a chance at getting me a job, so in all humbleness, I thank God for it. Yes, there’s a whole tonne of things that I didn’t get to do, a whole load of ppl that I didn’t get to meet, and a whole bunch of everyandanyotherthings, but in a way, I’m learning to count the blessings rather than pick at the disasters.

FYP’s still not looking very good.. I’ve just got a slight shimmer of a silver lining around this gi-normous gloomy cloud that’s hovering awfully close above me, but I’m hoping that something good’ll come out of it and that it’ll actually work out. So pray it’ll work out.

On a brighter note, I didn’t exactly crash any modules last semester; my results nothing too ideal, but at least no train-wreck-with-bodies-lying-everywhere type of results. So it wasn’t a bad choice to cramp a little more work into the previous semester.. thankfully it’s now over.

On a happier note too, I’m quite please with my timetable.. it’s not the best, and I didn’t exactly get that photography elective that I was eyeing, but still, I’m learning to thank God for everything, and to praise Him in the plenty and in the need..

So all in, it’s a pretty interesting year to start and I’m gonna be graduating in 5 month’s time.. anxious; a little.. excited; quite.. but in a weird sort of way, I’m actually looking forward to this year and what it’ll bring.. funny but true. =)

Some long-overdue pictures..

My Heartiest Congratulations and Blessings to Mr and Mrs Joel Chan. =) *I can’t wait bro!!!*

not sure what to put here..

me and the lovely granny at the Christmas dinner.. =)

if you tilt your head, look reeeeaaaaally closely, and squint a little.. you might just make it out that it’s actually supposed to spell my name.. hah.