Friday, May 27, 2011


Where do I start? I miss Omelette.. she left 2 Fridays back.. suddenly the room feels empty without her. Even till last night, I still find myself entering my room quietly and fighting the urge to turn on the light, just so I won’t wake her.. but only to realize that the place which was once her nest, is now just an empty shelf.. I miss you Omelette.

U’re the one who’s always with the grub.. if I can’t find u, I know u’re hiding comfortably in ur nest, snoozing away and playing in hamster-lalaLand.. If I do hear u scruffling about in the middle of the night while I’m at my computer, then I’ll know that u’re sitting comfortably in ur food tray, enjoying that midnight snack while the rest of the world slumbers away..

As I was searching for a picture of u to put up here, I came across the whole load of pictures that I’ve taken since Day One. I see how u’ve really grown, from that tiny little furball that u were when beepo first brought u back, till how u were just before u crossed the rainbow bridge. U’ve changed, and yet u’ve stayed the same.

Sure, u definitely looked older and more frail now.. not as jumpy and nibbly as u used to be.. but still, u’re still always around the food tray and ever-ready to take a quick nap.. As if u could sense it, (or my sense of sound-discipline is THAT bad) u still pop ur head out when I return from work and greet me with that half-awake look, just as u always did in the past. Though sometimes I don’t get to see u much, I can never bear to wake u and shake ur nest just to wake u up, so I could see u.. though I was really tempted on more than a few occasions.. U lived the Hamster Life every hamster dreamt of, and yet, I still feel I could have given u more.

Both u and ur sister have shown me what it meant to have a life placed under my care.. and there’s no other lesson in this world that could have taught me better than how the both of u did.. I will miss u sorely.. and u will always have a little corner in my heart..

Send my dearest regards to Hamlette.

21 Oct 2008 – 13 May 2011

Musings on 270511

This serves purely as an outlet for what’s been going on in my mind lately.. need somewhere to let all the steam out.

== Removed portion on Omelette, cos I think she deserves a whole post to herself ==

Bumpy’s been acting up quite abit lately.. air-conditioner broke, then the fan, then the water pump.. and all these at this crucial period before he expires.. I’m now stuck with wondering what I should get next.. a few choices on the list.. Toyota Axio, Honda Fit/Jazz, Kia Cerato, Mitsubishi Lancer. I’ve quite convinced myself that I’ll be needing a car, seeing that my new place is all the way to the other extreme corner of Singapore.. which leads me to my other point..

Got me a new place.. we went down to see it, not the biggest thing, but it’s mine to call a home. Not the best-est of the best location, but it’s mine.. and it’s gonna be my home. So I’m contented to even being able to own a home here in Singapore. Just got the keys, so now the planning and the renos can start coming into place.

Work’s been picking up since the whole load of them came back from their trg overseas.. somehow I get the feeling that the happy period’s over.. upcoming is all the extra stuffs and eventually the mother-of-all-courses to attend in July.

I need a sword-party for my big day.. I can’t seem to find enough ppl for it. But somehow, I’m trusting that it’ll work out at the end of the day and with ppl whom I honestly hold dear to my heart, not with just some any-other-person I pluck off a nominal role to help me.

If u’ve made it thus far.. congrats, u’ve just wasted 3 minutes which u’re never getting back. =P

Mother’s Day Day (part II)..

Ok, so as promised, here’s the update with the pictures 20 days late.

The was pretty much like any other day except that it was polling day to begin with.. and Lo and Behold, dad wants to go there bright and early, so we didn’t have to worry abt it later in the day.. like, just go, vote, then we have the rest of the day to ourselves. Nice idea.. but not very nice when u’ve to wake at 7+ on a Saturday morning..

So anyway, after casting the votes, we had brekky with beeps and ben at their place.. then I told them that we could go prawning.. see, earlier, like the day before, I told dad that we’d go fishing.. but the whole night, I couldn’t quite figure where to bring them too.. so I figured, prawning. Plain and simple.. and sure got catch.

Beepo wanted to come along.

So fast-forward and I’ll let the pictures do the talking..

Left: the First Catch of the day.. =)

I just love this shot. hahahaha...

the first 1.5 hours were quite a bore.. then suddenly, as if on cue, the prawns started coming up one after the other.. catch of the day? 13 I think.. ok maybe 15, I can’t quite remember. Dinner was over at Lau Pa Sat’s Satay Club.. nice food, nice view, nice company.


Satay Club..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Day..

Did stuff today.. cool stuff.. I shall return to this post with pictures and an update when I eventually get down to it.


ok bye.