Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tree Top Trail

Went to the HSBC's Tree Top Walk thing again this past weekend.. this time, with the DIP folks (read about our silver-award winning DIP journey here).. and thank God, the weather was much much MUCH better than the last time with the Jazz&Blues ppl..

Realised that I could actually start charging ppl to bring them in.. haha.. guided tour with an outdoor lunch provided.. heh.. and then it also hit me that I've been frequenting the area for almost 14 years, since the very first time.. fwah.. haha.. now I feel REALLY old.. but anyway, it's a good trip. Even though the route was not exactly what I'd prefer, and we ended up walking a little more.. it was nice.. managed to take quite a few pictures that we would have missed if we had shortened the route..

managed to capture some neat shots.. can't exactly post all of 'em here though.. =)

No food this time round, but I'm pretty sure the next time we go back in, there definitely will be..

..and yes, if you're wondering, I'm still waiting for you and you to go along with me and find those checkpoints.. especially that dreaded DRUM.. *fold arms, tap toe and wait..* =)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Ah-Tan

Had a half day at work on Monday, so we took the opportunity to celebrate Alvin's birthday.. his big birthday.. 21. I remember my big birthday.. nice food, nice ppl, nice company, lovely present.. thanks to all once again.. I really appreciate it.

So anyway, work ended at lunch, so the afternoon was spent at Mind's Cafe @ bugis.. not really too sure where it is.. but I think I'll be able to find my way back there if I'm gonna have to again.. nice place though.. albeit a little squeezy cos the shop-front seems kinda narrow..

Played some interesting games, most of which I've never tried before.. so it's quite an eye-opening experience really.. plus this is prob only the 2nd time that I've been to a board-game cafe.. but it's nice. =) I enjoyed the games.. really fun.. and for only 7 bucks per person, with a free flow of drinks.. all the better.. hah.

some of the games we played.. Saboteur's quite a fun game.. tests how scheming you are.. =) and that concerto crosso one is just plain silly. Pure Brainless Fun.. haha.. just watch and react.. heh.

meet the IA family from blk11, room 5-20A (clockwise from top-left): weide, me, fabian, wilson, dongyu, kaiyen, AlvinTan (the birthday boy), kaiqi. And yes, it's yet ANOTHER alvin. Goodness, I'm really beginning to feel that my name's getting more and more commonplace.. *sigh*

Proceeded to 'Dian Xiao Er' to have dinner.. didn't get anything too crazy.. and no seafood since the birthday boy can't take any crustaceans.. (bro, you really don't know what you're missing out man.. heh) but nonetheless, the food and company was good.. and I especially like the interior decor of the place.. it's a pity I didn't get too many shots inside the eatery.. was probably more concentrated on the food.. =)

Then it was a stroll around town.. letting the food settle in.. which totally didn't help the mood. It's a monday night, but it totally felt like a friday evening or something.. going back to work the next day was a total dread.. but that's another story for another time. =) took some pretty pictures along the way too.. I realised that it's been such a loong while since the last time that I had the time and opportunity to just walk around with my camera.. it's really quite a refreshing feeling.. and again, it totally didn't help with the monday mood. Hah..

Top Left: there was some Indian Cultural performance over at the Esplanade.. quite interesting, but not exactly my cup of tea..
The rest are just eye-candy.. so happy I finally made use of my camera again.. =)