Monday, December 27, 2010


Root Word: Procrastinate. (pro•cras•ti•nate)
the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time

So that’s how it’s like with my blog. After getting poisoned, it seems that I have had quite a few ideas on what to blog abt, and to add more pictures especially. But, lo and behold, the above-mentioned word takes over and I find a hundred and one other more useless stuff to do. Hah.

So I’ll make it up by putting a picture I took from Thailand while at training. Ok, not WHILE training.. that’s taboo.. after the serious training part.. Figured I got tired of my current wallpaper, and since I’m staring at this all day, I figured u might as well do the same. =P

River Kwai

Monday, December 20, 2010

It is Now

With great relief and gratification, I put up this post. =) today is finally the day of days.. when I finally graduate from the 8-month long stint. To say that it has been fulfilling would be as much of an understatement as to say that a hot shower feels good in winter, or that u’re just ‘glad’ if u picked up a million bucks. To say that it went easy, would also be a gross underestimation of the course. It is, after all, meant to train to make u a little more special.

The whole graduation package isn’t as big of a thing as I initially thot it to be. For one, there isn’t the whole brouhaha that comes along when the NSFs turn operational and get their crimson beret. There’s also that slight magic that got lost because the graduation date got bounced around more times than I have changed my underpants in my entire life, and mind u, that’s A LOT. Of course, u’d probably see a whole bunch of guys tearing if it had been presented to us at the end of the major exercise before coming home.. but that’s not the point.

So sum that all up and u basically get a quiet yet fulfilling evening. An evening that I’d probably cherish in yrs to come, not for the big fireballs that go off, or the holler of the fanfare as u march on into parade, but for the words spoken to each other upon receiving our prize. For the words Unspoken to each other as we just smiled at each other knowing exactly what we’ve gone thru and that there isn’t a need to say anything to know how we felt inside.

Sure, it could have been made a lot more spectacular.. heck, call in the media if u would.. but that’s not the point. It’s no longer abt showcasing to the world who u are or what u wanna be. It’s abt the Now. It’s abt the fact that u’re part of the team now. It’s abt the fact that u have made it.. and a new chapter begins Now. It’s abt working toward that goal at the end of the day.. His goal.. and that journey starts Now..

So I pray that I will continue to do what has been planned ahead of me, that I will not fall short of His expectations. And that I will continue to do well, not for mine, but for His sake.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Poison

One man’s food is another man’s poison.. this poison however, was something that I have been fighting off and staying away from for right abt more than 2 yrs. The logic was simple, I didn’t have a NEED for it, it’s more of a WANT than a need, and so, I have no reason to get it.

Even on the numerous trips with my dearest friends, my good ol’ faithful one will always suffice. However, a comment I heard changed everything overnight. Literally.

One fine day I was at a reunion dinner with my dearest secondary school mates and the usual thing to playing with someone else’s BIGGER camera came into the picture. And there’s the usual fight-scene in my head that tells me it’s nice to have one, but I didn’t need a new one. Then comes the punchline, ‘Alvin, life is short. You should just get it.’

And that drove home the msg for me. The very next day, I was a proud owner of a Canon EOS 550D, with a 18-55mm kit lens and a 50mm portrait lens that I got at a bargain price for submitting my warranty online.. some offer thingy that Canon had. How timely. =)

the poison.. =P

You see, if u know me well enough, I’m not exactly the type that will splurge mindlessly on things. ESPECIALLY so if it’s on myself. The you-dun-need-it thinking will usually always prevail. But the msg drove home something so real to me. Even more so with the nonsense that I do, day in and day out.. life really IS short. And having want something like that for so many years, I’m pretty sure that it’s not gonna be one of them impulse-buy thingies.. so it was a simple decision. A quick lunch, a quick coffee, a walk to 2 different shops to compare, and a proud owner of shiny new toy. =)

Life is short, what will you make of it?

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I finally succumbed..

I got poisoned today.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Target of Opportunity

ok.. so it's the formation's 41st birthday and we got half the day off.. not like it really mattered cos now that the course's coming to an end, we're pretty much free anyway..

so anyway, i couldn't give up this chance to send in a post cos it's been a while since i'm able to do something like this. it'5 raining outside but i'm sitting comfortably inside a nice quiet Subway watching the cars go by happily and enjoying a nice hot sandwich.. all this after sending my car in for servicing.. so she drives pretty much like a brand new now.. nice and smooth. also, i'm happy i introduced yang to uncle anthony's workshop.. happy for him cos now he has a reliable and trustworthy mechanic to go to who doesn't try to rip him off.. and happy for uncle anthony too cos i just brought in another customer for him =)

So u see. i couldn't pass this chance to blog abt today.. oh and here's a shoutout to all Subway lovers. it's 1-for-1 sandwiches this saturday at the branch at The Verge. ground floor. that's the place they used to call Tekka Mall, opp simlim and near little india.. =)

Ok, now let me get back to enjoying my day off.. =)