Monday, April 5, 2010

So It Begins..

It's the start of a new chapter.. One that i'm still struggling to figure what's what.. It'll be a grueling 8 months but i'm choosing to believe that some how in the midst of it all, i'll see how i fit into the bigger picture..

I'll see how what i'm gonna go thru will fit into the bigger picture.. I understand that what's best for me, and what's planned for me isn't always gonna be what i want.. But i have to somehow learn to trust.. He is in control after all..

Dear LORD, as i embark on this journey, i commit whole course into Your hands.. I choose to leave everything, both great and small, into Your hands, for you will take care of everything better than i ever could.. Let me realise my full potential that is Your will and let me never let You down.. Constantly remind me of why i'm doing it, that i may never sway when the going gets tough and that i may never forget you when things go well..