Monday, April 5, 2010

So It Begins..

It's the start of a new chapter.. One that i'm still struggling to figure what's what.. It'll be a grueling 8 months but i'm choosing to believe that some how in the midst of it all, i'll see how i fit into the bigger picture..

I'll see how what i'm gonna go thru will fit into the bigger picture.. I understand that what's best for me, and what's planned for me isn't always gonna be what i want.. But i have to somehow learn to trust.. He is in control after all..

Dear LORD, as i embark on this journey, i commit whole course into Your hands.. I choose to leave everything, both great and small, into Your hands, for you will take care of everything better than i ever could.. Let me realise my full potential that is Your will and let me never let You down.. Constantly remind me of why i'm doing it, that i may never sway when the going gets tough and that i may never forget you when things go well..

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anxiety addict said...

Dear Lord, I place Alvin into your hands. You are the Lord and God of his life and his career. You have opened the doors for this, and we trust You will bring Your perfect plan to pass. Teach Alvin to trust and lean on Your ways. May You manifest Your mighty presence like never before. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.