Monday, August 2, 2010


This is a shout out to everyone.. yes, that’s you, you and you back there.. *point*

I initially intended to include a whole load of stuff here.. seeing that I rarely get the time to blog nowadays..

In the shower, ideas streamed into my head.. topics ranged from the awesome thai food we had at beepo’s place over the weekend.. the fact that StarCraft II is out and I totally missed it (yes, I’m a fan that was quietly waiting for it to resurface.. just like the now hopeless Duke Nukem). Then there’s the fact that I haven’t had a single post abt my car.. did u actually know I own one? Hah.. cheap little thing, but gets me from point A to point B.. so it’s good enough for me.. who needs a Ferrari.. *cough*.. =P then there’s the endless trg that I’m so tempted to put up here.. but the wiser half of me believes that it’s a better idea not too.. OpSec as they call it.

And then there’s all the little trivial stuff.. like the 6 sticks of ice-cream I bought at the petrol kiosk earlier.. yes, impulse buy I know. But what the heck.. life is short..

So anyway, back to real reason for this post.. this is a shout out to everyone I know, don’t really know, want to know but never did, acquaintances and strangers who somehow stumbled in here.. I’m doing good and I’d love to catch up with you.. do drop me a msg, whether sms, email, a comment here, or through telepathy.. I’d love to hear from you and find out how u’re doing..

Figures I should start somewhere before I start to morph into a grumpy old lonely man in due time.. hah.