Wednesday, September 26, 2007


You know the kinda feeling you get when you know you ought to be doing work but somehow can’t find the motivation to do it. Ya.. ask any Singaporean and he’ll probably tell you he’s been there, and done that. This one inclusive.

It’s the break week. I’ve got 7 days to make up for the past 7 weeks in school.. well, actually, more like 5 days left, to make up for the past 7 weeks of work. All the quizzes are piled up behind break week, so that’ll be 6 quizzes after this week. Madness..

For one I think I miss home abit too much.. more of miss my bed.. so I’ve been spending quite some time on it.. it’s mid week now and I think I should really start to get work done.. hmm.. anyways, I just decided that I should complain about school here.. since it has been quite a while that I blogged anyway. Gotta start some where..


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Windows Live Messenger

If you’re anything like me.. you like things the way they are. You don’t like changes. You sorta resist them.. Electromagnetic Engineers call it Lenz’s Law =P.. So when I find a particular software that I like, I usually keep it without upgrading it. I sorta live by the “If it ain’t broken, Don’t fix it” theorem..

So anyway, this past weekend, the usual routine of starting up the notebook and signing in to MSN Messenger proceeded ahead. Right up till the ‘Signing in’ message where the 2 little figures spin round and round.. Then it dawned on me that the happy folks at Microsoft must have found a way to disable all other versions of MSN Messenger from signing in. All except their current Windows Live Messenger version.. mine was still the good ol’ MSN Messenger 7.5 *growl*

And all thanks to the slow connection in school, I’m not able to download the new version of messenger.. so there I was left, in my room, and staring at the MSN messenger window which refuses to sign in.

So anyway, long story short, I upgraded to the new version of Messenger. And if you’re anything like me, you don’t quite fancy the advertisements on Messenger. It used to be fine.. like they weren’t very obtrusive.. they just sat there at the bottom of the window and didn’t really get in the way unless you somehow click on them.. or if they really really interested you so much.. which I sincerely doubt.. =)

Then it slowly got irritating when they begun to insert those “roll-over” type of advertisements.. So there I will be, happily doing my stuff when my mouse rolls over the adverts, and then the BIGGER version pops up and gets in the way so I end up clicking on it.. and then BOOM my browser pops up and directs me to M1’s Promotion page, or to SMU’s registration page.. …

So after searching a while, I got me a nice little program to remove the unwanted stuff, like the advertisements, from Messenger. The biggest pain is removed by simply clicking on the Remove Advertisements check box.. and of course, you can customize it to your own likings too.. I removed some of the buttons that I don’t use like the Search Box and Sort Contacts buttons.. the guy who designed this program must be a genius.. haha.. kudos to him!

So anyway, the program's called A-Patch.

Get A-Patch here.

Again, do drop a comment and tell me if it does/doesn’t work for you, and if you like-it/hate-it/have a better program.. heh.

Advertisement-Free Messenger! =)