Wednesday, September 26, 2007


You know the kinda feeling you get when you know you ought to be doing work but somehow can’t find the motivation to do it. Ya.. ask any Singaporean and he’ll probably tell you he’s been there, and done that. This one inclusive.

It’s the break week. I’ve got 7 days to make up for the past 7 weeks in school.. well, actually, more like 5 days left, to make up for the past 7 weeks of work. All the quizzes are piled up behind break week, so that’ll be 6 quizzes after this week. Madness..

For one I think I miss home abit too much.. more of miss my bed.. so I’ve been spending quite some time on it.. it’s mid week now and I think I should really start to get work done.. hmm.. anyways, I just decided that I should complain about school here.. since it has been quite a while that I blogged anyway. Gotta start some where..


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