Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Had an interview at DSO this afternoon.. hope it turns out well. Not too sure when they’ll get back to me for that matter. Forgot to ask. Darn.. So anyway, this week’s quite a bummer. Everything will start rolling downhill from here.. there’s 2 tests this week and this interview thing back to back.. one more test tmr.. Then there’ll be 4 more tests to go and one report to fill up. Before it’s head-on with the exams.. madness.. the pace here is too fast and the break week just zipped by!

And somehow I’m in no shape to study. Must be the new haircut.. caught a cold yesterday and still feeling light-headed today. All because of the interview, else I wouldn’t have even thought of clipping my hair and shaving my face. *growl* it had better be worth it. And I should really do something about getting colds after my haircuts.. it’s quite ridiculous really.. but somehow it just keeps happening. Urgh.

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