Monday, October 29, 2007


Got me a new toy over the weekend.. literally.. =)

Beeps went to the toy museum and got me a new toy. THANK YOU BEEPO! A toy aeroplane glider that I used to play when I was prob four. Those made-in-the-eighties babies will most probably remember this one. =)

yes.. I did have a childhood.. =P

The feeling’s really quite nostalgic.. putting together the foam pieces of the plane, with little punch-out slots where you can insert the wings and tail. And of course adding in the weight on the nose and the little propellers. It cost a dollar.. sounds cheap, but actually.. I really don’t remember it to be so expensive.. back in the days when 20 cents could get you handful of barley-mint candies..

Ahh.. how nostalgic. And to actually think that this was found in a MUSEUM. Goodness me. Before I know it, they’ll be putting the game boy (yes! the big grey one), tamiya cars and monopoly in there too.. sheesh.

I also got down to baking some cookies over the weekend.. figured it a good way to relax and since it’ll churn out so so so many cookies, I could give some away too.. (see Famous Alvin Cookies) I guess there’s always some sort of joy that accompanies giving gifts..

Chocolate Chip Cookies !!!

For those who frequent buying batteries for their cameras/discman and what-nots, you'll probably be really familiar with Energizer's new line of Lithium Batteries. They last REALLY REALLY long and i'm a proud fan of it. Just that if you drop by any supermarket, you'll probably notice it to be abt 9 bucks, quite costly for batteries if you ask me. Well.. click on the above picture for a closeup and you'll realise that i got these at only $2.80.. what a steal.. woohoo! I think i just found a new place to get batteries from. =)

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Anonymous said...

You're most welcome..!!! hee... think i should go get myself one aeroplane too... heh...

And buy batteries for beepo? I want 2!! Pretty please.... *flutters eyelids* =)

-- Beepo