Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Halloween

Had a hall supper thing going on tonight. Not exactly sure when Halloween is, since we don’t really go trick-or-treating here in S’pore.. but anyway.. it was the theme for the hall supper.

Apparently it’s some Hall get-together and pre-exam supper thing. They dolled up the whole function room in the theme of Halloween. So they had ppl dressed up in funny t-shirts with ghostly (or rather funny) makeup.. and they tried to make the place spooky. Heh.. TRIED. They also had ppl going around to invite ppl down to the event.. I’m quite impressed.. it’s something hall 6 never really had. They’d just holler over to you with their loud hailer and tell you to go down to the wateva-event happening.. heh.. kudos to them. They served some fried rice thing, with broccoli and sausages.. pretty decent, considering that it’s free too.. just that the drinks weren’t, and at the same time they were screening The Maid, some local horror flick.. And supposedly later tonight is the hall-bash with alcoholic drinks and what-nots.

Don’t know half the ppl there, and probably don’t intend to anyway.. =) the other good thing to come out of this was the happy Goodie bags. As usual, goodie bags cheer me up. This one included quite a few things, from ball-point pens to correction tape to instant noodles and even a HUGE bottle of cheese.. the kind you mix with pasta. Glad I went down. =)

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