Friday, May 27, 2011

Musings on 270511

This serves purely as an outlet for what’s been going on in my mind lately.. need somewhere to let all the steam out.

== Removed portion on Omelette, cos I think she deserves a whole post to herself ==

Bumpy’s been acting up quite abit lately.. air-conditioner broke, then the fan, then the water pump.. and all these at this crucial period before he expires.. I’m now stuck with wondering what I should get next.. a few choices on the list.. Toyota Axio, Honda Fit/Jazz, Kia Cerato, Mitsubishi Lancer. I’ve quite convinced myself that I’ll be needing a car, seeing that my new place is all the way to the other extreme corner of Singapore.. which leads me to my other point..

Got me a new place.. we went down to see it, not the biggest thing, but it’s mine to call a home. Not the best-est of the best location, but it’s mine.. and it’s gonna be my home. So I’m contented to even being able to own a home here in Singapore. Just got the keys, so now the planning and the renos can start coming into place.

Work’s been picking up since the whole load of them came back from their trg overseas.. somehow I get the feeling that the happy period’s over.. upcoming is all the extra stuffs and eventually the mother-of-all-courses to attend in July.

I need a sword-party for my big day.. I can’t seem to find enough ppl for it. But somehow, I’m trusting that it’ll work out at the end of the day and with ppl whom I honestly hold dear to my heart, not with just some any-other-person I pluck off a nominal role to help me.

If u’ve made it thus far.. congrats, u’ve just wasted 3 minutes which u’re never getting back. =P

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