Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hail to the King!

Well, ya, not quite The King, but at least I think the new president’s gonna be a tad bit more effective than the previous. Was just watching the ceremony to swear Obama into the office earlier today and other than the slight fumble he had with his oath, I thought it was one heck of a speech.. where does a man learn to speak like that.. I would probably never know. In a way, I’m happy to have been ‘part of the moment’.. I was contemplating hard whether I should drop my work and go watch the ceremony earlier.. in the end, figured that it’s a once in a lifetime thing, and it’d be nice to look back and tell myself that ‘Hey! I was watching the first black man get sworn into the White House..’ =)

Well, flash-by update, school’s been zipping by and I’m beginning to wrap up the 3rd week already.. there is some SLIGHT progress in my fyp, a silver lining which I can only thank God for, and so I’m just hoping to make the best of it. Have to wait and see what the verdict is on Friday.

Did I also mention that CNY’s like just round the corner.. (ya like who wouldn’t know) For some reason, CNYs never appeal much to me. Other than the fact that it’s a day off school and I get ang pows, I pretty much loathe it.. all that serenity and pretty lights and calmness that’s ushered in with Christmas just gets thrown out the window with the town painted red literally, loud obnoxious ‘music’ playing and the never-ending sea of ppl everywhere.. in a way I’m tepid abt this one. Perhaps the only other good thing would be meeting my cousins and my granny..

just some randomness.. got bored.

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