Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

My first post of the new year.. so here’s a shout out to all, Happy New Year everyone!

School’s starting tmr, and I’m not too sure if I’m exactly looking forward to it, as with all year-end holidays, the break’s really short, and just as I had expected it, it totally zipped by. Amongst the few things to be glad for, I’m thankful that I managed to catch up with some friends, made some news ones, work on little things that I’ve been wanting to do, hack, I even managed to travel out of the country.. so it’s not all too sorrowful after all. And best up, I’ve got a chance at getting me a job, so in all humbleness, I thank God for it. Yes, there’s a whole tonne of things that I didn’t get to do, a whole load of ppl that I didn’t get to meet, and a whole bunch of everyandanyotherthings, but in a way, I’m learning to count the blessings rather than pick at the disasters.

FYP’s still not looking very good.. I’ve just got a slight shimmer of a silver lining around this gi-normous gloomy cloud that’s hovering awfully close above me, but I’m hoping that something good’ll come out of it and that it’ll actually work out. So pray it’ll work out.

On a brighter note, I didn’t exactly crash any modules last semester; my results nothing too ideal, but at least no train-wreck-with-bodies-lying-everywhere type of results. So it wasn’t a bad choice to cramp a little more work into the previous semester.. thankfully it’s now over.

On a happier note too, I’m quite please with my timetable.. it’s not the best, and I didn’t exactly get that photography elective that I was eyeing, but still, I’m learning to thank God for everything, and to praise Him in the plenty and in the need..

So all in, it’s a pretty interesting year to start and I’m gonna be graduating in 5 month’s time.. anxious; a little.. excited; quite.. but in a weird sort of way, I’m actually looking forward to this year and what it’ll bring.. funny but true. =)

Some long-overdue pictures..

My Heartiest Congratulations and Blessings to Mr and Mrs Joel Chan. =) *I can’t wait bro!!!*

not sure what to put here..

me and the lovely granny at the Christmas dinner.. =)

if you tilt your head, look reeeeaaaaally closely, and squint a little.. you might just make it out that it’s actually supposed to spell my name.. hah.

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