Thursday, January 8, 2009

Furball Update

Ok, school’s started and as if it’s a sign, my hamsters started fighting the day before I moved back to hall. Anyone with hamsters know that they’ll beep and squeak occasionally, the typical ‘play fight’ as it’s called..

But on Monday night it got slightly serious, Hamlette starting chasing Omelette round the cage and there were tiny wound marks on Omelette’s feet.. the inevitable had happened.

I’m not sure how and why it started, all I know is that the previous few nights the beeping and squeaking got more intense.. perhaps they’re PMS-ing.. hah. =P

So now, for the good of the rounder and more docile Omelette, I’ve separated the 2 sisters.. tried putting them back together after a night but they starting fighting again.. now I'm not sure if they’ll ever be able to be housed in the same cage again.. sighs..

managed to catch this picture on Sunday night, the night before the big fight, hopefully it’s not gonna be the last picture I have of them together.. oh wells..

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