Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's Here!!!

It’s finally here! Came in the mail yesterday, pleasantly surprise.. didn’t know that it can actually be squeezed into the mail box. Hah.. meet my polarizing filter. =) Decided to blog abt it since I usually include pictures but for obvious reasons I can’t take a picture of my own beloved camera which has been the workhorse behind all the pictures on this blog. Hah.. unless I use a mirror of sorts.. hmm.. *ponders*

all the way from Hong Kong.. funny though, the ebay shop I got it from is an Aussie shop. Heh.. GLOBALISATION I tell you..

So anyway, for 30 bucks, I got me an adapter tube for my Canon Powershot A520, a UV filter, a Polarizing filter and a lens cap to protect them.. all delivered to my door step. Well, not quite, in this case, to my letter-box. Right.. ANYWAY. It’s quite a steal I’d say, cos I remember contacting Alan Photo from Funan Center and they quoted me $80 for the tube and polarizer only. Of course, it might just well be a higher-end/better quality stuff but for now, I’m satisfied with these.. =)

Top: clockwise from top left; Lens Cap, UV filter, Polarizing Filter, Adapter Tube
Bottom: Closeup of my Adapter Tube

So finally I can try attempting to take slightly ‘better’ pictures, now armed with a filter. Interestingly, it’s been more than 3 years since I owned this camera, and it’s only in the past month that I started using the full Manual mode, over the Aperture priority or Shuttle priority.. for some reason, I’ve never really ventured into it. So perhaps now’s a good time. =) and on top of that, I finally get to USE the ability to attach adapters and filters onto my camera.

Top: Before using the Polarizing Filter
Bottom: After using the filter and turning it to the maximum effect. Time and Space; it was evening when I got the package and the sun was nice and bright.. =)

Once again, a big Thank You to all who have contributed to my camera.. Best present so far. Even after all these years, I Love It!

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