Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Divine Inspiration

Ok, I'll like to say upfront that I've got a tonne of things that I'd love to blog abt. It's been a great month, my favourite time of the year being christmas and with my birthday and all, met up with some really great pals, hung out, did what I'd like to do.. but really.. I haven't exactly the mood to blog abt them..

I have been and still am pretty bogged down abt my FYP. I'm pretty much stuck with my back against the wall at this point in time.. As with all things, I'm aware that I need to keep the faith that I'll be seen through this period, but it's getting increasingly hard.

I need some sort of a Divine Inspiration of sorts.. cos there's no way that I can single-handedly think of how to solve my problem to complete the project, it just seems too big. I pray it comes soon..

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