Monday, December 15, 2008


Ok, I’m not too sure what this post should encompass.. hah. It seems more like an outlet for me at this point in time. I’ve been stuck with my FYP and I honestly think the outcome’s starting to look gloomier and gloomier by the minute. If there’s such a thing as a good ‘time’ for a miracle.. it’s probably now.

Previously I wrote abt Combat Arms.. I have to say it’s really quite an interesting concept for a game and it’s fun. Bottom line, it’s fun. But as with most games, there’re hackers everywhere which really suck the fun out of the game.. so I’m sorta starting to dread it now.. unless of course it’s with friends whom I know.. are you into it too? Maybe you could start and we could have a ‘clean’ game without all them cheaters out there..

that’s not exactly my avatar.. since I can change it like everyday.. but still, one of the more interesting looks I’ve put together. =)

My hammies are growing fat too! Haha.. that’s what happens when you leave the food lying around and you have parents who always think that the hamsters are hungry just because they’re gnawing on the cage or stone or whateva. So how? Next time, if you’re gonna have hamsters, keep the food hidden away.. out of reach of ur ignorant parents.

Got me 2 hamster balls too, so now they’ll have something to climb into and explore the house with, without me having a bawl of a time trying to find them after..

Hamlette and Omelette.. Ham and Eggs.. haha..

The green one would be Hamlette’s ball.. had to put them in the stand, cos it’s kinda hard to get a shot with them rolling abt. Haha..

Latest Earwax, Richie Sambora’s Undiscovered Soul. Spent some time digging through my old cds the other day and found this jewel, still remember listening to it on the loooong bus rides to school during my poly days.. good stuff. =)

Richie Sambora - Undiscovered Soul

and yes, I seriously need a life..

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