Sunday, August 31, 2008


Comex 2008. Supposedly the biggest IT show/event since and I made my appearance today after yet another miserable encounter with SBS Transit.. =) So anyway, I got me a pair of earphones.. my previous one had a heart-attack 2-3 weeks ago. The left side just suddenly died.. one moment there was sound, the next, it was just quiet.. talk about heart-attacks.. I thot my ear popped or something..

And being the typical guy, I tried to fix it.. but gave up promptly since I didn’t really have to heart to fix it. So for the past 2 weeks I’ve been traversing to school and back daily singing songs in my head rather than really listening to them.. and if you’ve been an MRT person, you’d prob have notice the SonicGear Earpump advertisements.. I did and was contemplating buying them from the computer shop at school.. I needed a pair of ear phones after all, cos there’s no way I’m using the headphones for the Aviom system when playing for service.. utter discomfort.

Got a black one.. typical alvin choice. =) they have a whole range of colours tho, from metallic blue to pink to green and even red.. and of course, ipod-friendly white..

So anyways, thankfully I waited till Comex, cos they had some freebies.. well, just ONE actually.. extra pieces of silicon gel for the in-ear pieces.. not like I’ll really be changing them, but I guess the typical Singaporean in me rejoices at freebies.. =)

Freebie! Worth 5 bucks I think.. if you're reading this and you're one of those who use the Large-sized ones.. drop a comment k? I'm interested to meet ppl who actually use the Large ones.. can't imagine how big your ears have to be to fit them in.. =P

The verdict.. good sound for an exceptional price. I’m honestly surprised by the sound isolation and sound quality itself, I’d say it’s a miniaturized version of my Stanton headphones.. good stuff. =) For once, I can sit at the back of a bus and not have to adjust the volume cos the darn buses just make so much noise.. For only 30 bucks (29 to be exact), the standard pack comes with 3 sizes of ear pieces for the BIG to the small ear-ed friends.. and it even has a carry container which looks pretty stylish, so that means no more tangles.. *cheers*

Looking forward to using them.. especially at band prac this Wednesday! =) what is life without music.. hah!

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