Monday, August 4, 2008

Singapore Garden Festival 08

Went to the Singapore Garden Fest the previous weekend.. another of those happy experiences that I get to click and be trigger happy with my camera.. also went down to the Singapore Orchid thingy.. the whole thing’s all orchids from the tiny to the huge.. didn’t bring my tripod tho, so quite regret it.. had to kick myself for it.. hah.

But managed to capture a decent amount of shots.. and it also led me to confirm that Yes, I want another camera.. might get that Olympus SP570uz that I’ve been eyeing.. but then again, it’ll have to depend on the fundings.. haha.. student = no budget. Heh.. would you like to donate to the save-the-yap fund? =P

managed to take some 'arty farty' shots.. the Seeking Shangri-La exhibit was really nice, it had this aura of calm around it and they guys behind it were the winners of the previous competition, a pity I didn't manage to capture it properly..

this cottage thing is one of my favourites.. the mood of the whole scene also changes as the lights dim and come on, changing the whole atmosphere.. I think I just have a thing with cottages.. haha, gotta get me one of those next time! =)

Left: The Most Colourful Exhibit of the Singapore Orchid show/exhibit, by Naval Base Sec School.. kudos to you guys..
Right: Another one of my favourites, they managed to fuse the instruments and blend it into the whole scene very well.. nice!

tried some macro shots

they also had a little corner where they let kids make and design their own Ginger-Bread Man.. then they'd bake it.. along with the other interesting and very nice looking cupcakes/cookies..

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