Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wii Day

Ok, yet another late post. Haha.. I should learn to keep my timings.. so anyway, had a ‘Wii day’ last Saturday.. have to admit, I’m quite tempted to get me one of those things. Heh.. the Wii sorta redefines how games are played.. it redefines User-Interaction. =)

meet the Boxers.. and don’t think it looks easy.. my arms ached from the boxing game for 2 days after.. talk about a good workout.. =P

meet the Stoners.. this is what basically happens after the boxing match. You nua.. Heh..

meet the Eye Candies.. =)

Left: that’s how you stabilize ur Wii controller when you play House of the Dead.. =P
Right: from Hi-tech games to Lo-tech games.. took FOREVER to complete that one darn round of Uno. Haha..

1 comment:

kaiqi said...

get wii! get wii! then we'll have ALL the meet-ups at your place! (more convenient for provision of food too *hint hint*) haha!