Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SINGfest '08

18 bands, 2 whole days.. 20 hours of LIVE music.. all happening at Fort Canning Green on 2-3 Aug. Featuring bands like Simple Plan, Lost Prophets, Travis, Melee, Jamie Scott, Jason Mraz, Rick Astley, One Republic, Stacie Orrico, Alicia Keys and many more..

I so wanna go for it, especially for Sunday’s line-up. The only downside to it (as always), is the cost. $150 for Saturday’s slot and $200 for Sunday’s slot. $300 for the weekend pass.. *faint* It’s so ex la! Even for 10 hours of live music, featuring so many darn good bands/musicians.. it’s still quite pricey. And it doesn’t help that school starts the very next day.. urgh. I think the last time I was at a gig at Fort Canning Green must have been in ’98 watching All Star United’s gig.. goodness.. that’s 10 years ago! Hmm.. maybe I should go back.. make it a decade affair.. haha.

So the invitation’s open.. if anyone feels particularly generous and would like to sponsor me, do drop me a msg.. =)

Met alvin and siwei (and some of his friends) yesterday and we re-lived the old days at a LAN shop. I just realized, it must be years since I last stepped into a LAN shop and had that much fun. I almost forgot how it felt.. haha.. the crazy days where we’d sit at paradiz with a cup of bubble tea.. HA!

I’ve tried Call Of Duty 4 for some time now, and I have to say it’s really good. It puts the action and suspense into the game and they’ve managed to capture the essence of it all really well. Camouflage is REALLY camouflage.. Taking Cover is REALLY Taking Cover.. for those who’ve yet to try it, I’d really recommend it.. it probably redefines the whole gaming industry.. in terms of gameplay and graphics.. awesome stuff.. and the multiplayer mode is really excellent too.. nothing comes close.. =)