Saturday, July 5, 2008

Eye Candy

Got bored.. It’s 3 weeks to the exams (not that it really bothers me cos I S/U-ed the module, although I really think it should) and it’s 5 to school reopening. Time’s zipped by faster than I had and can imagine.. been looking through my blog and figured that the last few posts weren’t very visually appealing as compared to those I made earlier on. Gone are the pictures whether it be wacky clicks of the camera on impulse or attempts to be arty-farty with it.. so in a bid to rekindle the old spirit, I thought I’d try being trigger-happy again. =)

taken off the PODxt Live effects casing that YewTee ‘loaned’ to me.. come to think of it, it’s been sitting idle for a while.. haven’t exactly woken up the RockStar in me.. *does a Rock-On hand gesture*

after the rather successful attempt at recording stuff down during IA on my humble grey notebook, I found it much easier to work with plain notebooks, rather than ruled ones.. somehow I feel less restricted without the horizontal lines.. free to doodle, free to write HUGE equations, free to squeeze a whole page of source codes at font-size 5 handwriting.. so I got me one for my FYP, where all the junk’ll go.. the typical Wu Ling Mi Ji sorta stuff..


deb said...

i have those notebooks from popular too! ... mine is "love" and "grace".

patched-up said...

hah.. and sad to say, mine's still pretty empty.. which speaks volumes about how much work's done. haha..