Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My New Bottle II

Ok, so it isn’t exactly new anymore.. it’s actually coming to a year-and-a-half old. This post will adequately let you know what I did with a bottle that I got from one of those goody bag things in school last time.. personalized it and it has served me well.. =)

So as of late, it’s been peeling.. no, not that black star that I’ve painted on, but rather the yellow parts of the bottle.. didn’t get to take a picture of it though. Jumped right into trying to fix it.. so well, after loads of procrastination and yellow paint flakes all over my bag, I finally got down to sorting out my bottle..

Left: Halfway thru the process of scraping the paint away..
Right: All done.. nice and clean..

Not much materials needed this time I guess.. you prob just need sandpaper and LOADS of patience.. oh, arm/finger-power helps too.. heh. Now all I need is just to find a new design to cover over my bottle, suggestions? for now it’ll prob stay naked. =P

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