Friday, July 25, 2008

Linux Update with Compiz

Here’s another Linux update, managed to get Compiz to work on my notebook. So now I have some cool 3D desktop graphics.. the kinda stuff you’ll prob find on a Mac or Vista, but the catch is, it doesn’t put a strain. Both on your pocket (linux is free!) and on ur resources.. I’m running a CoreDuo 1.6 with 1Gb ram.. and I have no difficulty using all the 3D stuff, but if I were to attempt to install Vista with my current notebook, I’d prob just die or something.. vista’s a resource hogger.. we all know that.Above: That’s the Desktop Cube thing.. you get 4 different desktops that you can switch around..
Below: That’s what happens when you do the Alt-Tab thing.. you scroll through the different videos.. waaaay cool. And it’s all real time, so if a video’s playing, you’ll still see it playing while you scroll around..

Checkout this YouTube video and see all that Compiz can do.. and hop on the Linux BandWagon.. =)

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