Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shiny New thing

TimeCheck: Week 7 just ended. It’s the start of the study break/autumn break/term break/7-days-to-catch-up-with-7-weeks-of-schoolwork break.. whatever you wanna call it, I’m glad that I’ve finally got a rest period. Just beginning to dread the whole school thing again..

Hall life’s getting quite mundane, beginning to treat the place like a hotel, go in after 10, sleep, wake up and leave before 10. hah.. well, not that I’m complaining, at least I got a hall. Hopefully I can move out to join hoongsheng too, always more convenient to put up with someone familiar.. I was just commenting the other day, 3 years I’ve been here.. and I’ve put up with 3 different room-mates in 3 different halls.. maybe He’s trying to teach me something.

On a brighter note, I’ve finally succumbed to the temptation again. My contract expires on Oct 5th, so had I want to make the switch over to Starhub (much more competitive prices), I’d have to wait till then.. but just last Sunday I was at PS doing my much dreaded HRM discussion (which took 7 hours, but I shall elaborate on it another day), and I saw a nokia roadshow.. the E51 caught my eye. For one, it’s almost as slim as the current Motorola I have, just a tad bit thicker at 12mm.. but still slim enough for me.. I’ve been waiting for my contract to expire since June, cos I’ve been eyeing on the Nokia 5310.. the music-phone thing.. probably liked it cos it’s really flat like my Motorola.. apparently, once you get a phone that flat, it’s hard to change back to the bulkier ones ever again.. haha. Life-changing they say.. =)

So anyway, I’m quite thankful that the 5310’s no longer around, apparently, a quick check 2 weeks back and all 3 telcos did not have that phone to offer any more.. maybe it’s a good thing, cos the e51 is capable of so much so much more than the 5310 can offer.. for one, it can access .doc/.ppt/.xls files (although I don’t really hope to ever have to use it on my phone), there’s also a pdf viewer.. basically an entire office suite within it. and the best part: it’s free.. =)

The Steal of the Day.. and being the typical alvin, I’m still digging through the user manual, will prob take a while before I start using the phone proper.. =)

Free as in, free beer’.. cos for the model without the 2 megapixel camera, it’s free for students and NSFs. If I wanted the model with the camera, it’ll be a hundred bucks.. still quite a steal I’d say.. but I figured that since I don’t really use the phone’s camera, and plus I bring my canon almost everywhere I go.. I won’t really need one. A hundred bucks is STILL a hundred bucks.. prob have better use for it elsewhere if not growing it in the bank..

A mindef and Encik-friendly phone.. heh..

My fav part of the phone is that it supports WLAN. Something not new to the market but it’s definitely something novel for me.. so now surfing/msn-ing/emailing on the go can be done without having to pay for the GPRS usage.. especially with the wireless@sg thing popping up everywhere. *cheers*

Nice way to start my term break I’d say. =)

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