Wednesday, May 23, 2007

DIP Update III

Boring day.. everyone’s out but me.

Ok, so let’s see.. the project’s gone into a standstill over the past 2 days. Things aren't progressing as fast as the initial 10 days. It’s now the time when more and more pieces come together and that’s where the problems start surfacing. The signals aren’t looking as good, the gain isn’t as high and we’re getting extra harmonics that shouldn’t be there.. maybe there’s a gremlin inside the thing.. hmm..

So anyway, last week, we celebrated Lionel’s and Hong Sheng’s birthday.. quite cool. One on Friday, the other on Monday. Went to celebrate lionel’s at pizza hut on friday.. it’s been quite a while since I last went there, and plus there was some student’s price thing, so it’s quite welcoming.. and on Monday, we celebrated hongsheng’s one at the lab..

RIGHT: That's the whole gang, waiting for lionel.. think army-styled resounding songs as we sung him a birthday song.. heh

LEFT: Birthday Boy Lionel with his cake
RIGHT: Birthday Boy Hong Sheng with his cake

Had some time after fixing and hooking up the circuits, and since our prof (aptly nicknamed 'Handsome' by all of us) didn’t want us to run through the big test without him around, I managed to get some interesting pictures.. =) once again, a big Thank-You to those who chipped in and got me my lovely camera.. I love it!

Thought it was quite an accomplishment getting the screen capture of the scope.. helps with the report too =) oh and the blue thing's our solar panel (+ some photoshop makeup)..

Finally got a chance to take this perspective picture and just when i clicked, kenny strolled in.. haha.. actually, it probably looks better with him inside the picture..

Oh and yes, before I forget.. heh. Ben, I’m still waiting for you to fix my snake.. =P

I'm still waiting.. ...


Benjamin said...

I'll get you a new one then... :p

sk said...

HAHAHA, kenny looks like he posed for that.. nice shot!