Monday, May 7, 2007

Design & Innovation Project

This week will begin a new term after the exams. Well, it’s not exactly a Special Term/Semester.. those are balloted and I didn’t exactly get what I wanted. It’s some compulsory thing they call Design and Innovation Project (DIP). To me, it is in short, nothing more than cheap-labour.

So they throw a bunch of students together, about 20 of us and let us work on some ‘innovative’ project during the semester break.. come up with some brilliant new thing/product/device, which has to be impressive (since I’d pretty much bet that our grades would depend on it).. and out of the so many that gets churned out by the whole co-hord, there’s bound to be some pretty outstanding ones which will prob end up as property of NTU. Hah.. that’s cheap labour for you.. NTU-styled.

So anyway, this will be just a start of a looong 4-week term, let’s hope it starts out well tmr morning..

Oh and it’s May! Happy belated MayDay everyone.. and that also means, a new quote for the month! Hah.

This month quote is on Elitism.. Interestingly, I ran a search and came up with an interesting article regarding the Wee Shu Min case that happened not too long ago.. for the uninformed, she’s the Raffle’s girl who happily left the comment to “get out of my elite uncaring face”.. which obviously led to some major nuclear-styled fallout with the online community and press.. this site has a quick and dirty overview on the whole incident.. do take a look, it’s quite ridiculous actually.

Well, let’s just hope I’m not opening a can of worms here..

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