Monday, April 30, 2007


"mug". 2 definitions for it.. one is to dig your nose into them books like what I’ve been doing for the past 3 weeks.. thank God it’s over. The other well.. read on..


Welcome to Krabi, Southern Thailand. The province lies some 800 km south of the Thai capital, Bangkok, and is a myriad of caves, waterfalls, pristine beaches and magical islands all crammed into one tiny province. You can just about see and experience all that is Southern Thailand by venturing to this magical place called krabi.

During your time here, you can walk through jungles containing giant trees festooned with lianas. Travel by boat along rivers and through teeming mangrove forests. Scuba dive the Andaman Sea; rock climb the sheer vertical cliffs of Ao Phranang and Railay beaches; visit mountain top pagodas with intricate, traditional architecture and panoramic views; discover hidden temples set amongst the surrounding limestone mountains; explore caves, waterfalls and unbelievably magical islands.

Krabi's main charms are perfect sandy, coral fringed, beaches and tropical islands, but don't forget what's on offer inland too. There are those towering cliffs and splendid waterfalls, caves, temples, mosques and, of course, the charming people….

The charming lowly rascals who would sneak into your room in the middle of the night and steal your belongings.. the sneaky b*stards who would tag-team with the in-house room cleaners to leave the sliding door of your balcony unlocked after she does the cleaning.. letting them sneak in, to share your wealth and possessions.

It was supposed to be a wonderful trip to Krabi, to watch Daniel get married to a lovely thai girl.. it was supposed to be nice and relaxing and I’m supposed to wait at home for them to come home and tell me all about it. How nice the place was.. how nice the ppl are.. how fanciful a thai wedding was.. NOT how they got mugged, how they realized that the balcony was left unlocked, how the creep sneaked in at night while they were sleeping and took the money and camera… and how my mum’s all hysterical about the issue.. My blood boils as I think of it. I pray God grant me peace..

My only consolation.. well.. my sister’s fine though it could have very well happened to her and the lowlife who took the stuff was dumb enough to leave behind SGD. He only took a hundred SGD worth of thai baht and a camera which cost 199. Dumb nut decided to leave the SGD on the floor even though it’ll prob be worth much more than he is..

So anyway, if you’re going to Krabi anytime soon.. keep a watchful eye for the sneaky things they’d do.. and if the name card of the hotel/motel/resort looks anything like the one shown below.. STAY AWAY!

And pray that if you do get mugged *CHOI*, it’ll be by someone as dumb as this fella.. Thank God nothing happened to my family.


zeezee said...

Luckily no one was hurt, it could be blessing in disguise.

Thanks for checking out my blog. =)

Anonymous said...

Actually. the lowlife fella din take the SGD coz' over there, you need to show your passport or ID to change money... so in a way, thank God for that system in place... heh heh... -- Beepo