Monday, April 16, 2007


I'm up to my neck in work. The papers are starting this Wednesday.

Anyway, so I received an interesting comment over the weekend regarding my DEFCON posts.

Well, to whoever who wrote it (since you wouldn’t even dare leave a name), THANK YOU for your reminder, but I personally believe that what I posted was not in violation of anything.

Run a simple search on Google for ‘military symbols’ and you’d be fully educated on what you need for writing a battle procedure/briefing. You’d perhaps even be surprised to find that such codes are actually VERY universal or perhaps much to your dismay, you never knew that the internet IS a vast source of knowledge.. who am I to fault the ignorant.

But since it is such a matter of concern to you, I have decided to remove them as a gesture of MY own goodwill; I am after all, a civilian-soldier, sworn to protect my nation.

Thank you very much for your concern.. anymore comments?


decided to upload and host the UN Military Symbol Handbook.. take a look at it for yourself..


ArkAngel said...

He said it was classified? haha... it's all like standard symbols for military what. maybe next time, you should draw like little Duke Nukems to represent friendlies and like Space Invaders for Redland Armed Forces haha...

In the words of good friend smurf, "Twit!"

patched-up said...

"..he who knows not, and knows not that he knows not, is but a fool.. shun him.."

=) and did you know there's really a place called Redland? hah..

SheEp said...

Wei... Why am I suddenly drawn into the picture? But seriously... That twit, whoever it was. Haha... Scully it's like some government personel or something! =X Of which, I never said anything bad about anyone... Lol...

ArkAngel said...

Haha... yeah. Scully. Like X-files haha. Government agent and all.

As an aside, I realize now that good friend smurf (GFS) actually uses "Dodobird!" more.