Thursday, August 23, 2007

It Begins..

Welcome Back to NTU..

And so the new academic year begins.. and it has advanced very quickly to week 3 already. Come to think of it, week 3 is ending tmr.. goodness me. It’s happening too fast.

Spent the last 2 weeks pretty busy with the club’s recruitment. Had to plan and sort out the booth and then had to try to convince ppl to join the band. Haha.. We had about 130 signups but only about 30 odd turned up for the Welcome Tea.. well that’s not too bad considering that we actually had a welcome tea.. didn’t have one last year.

The recruitment booth location that was given to us was quite good this year actually. We were at a nice corner and had lots of space and wind.. good stuff.. and they provided table cloth and etc.. so we didn’t need to sort those out.. haha.. at least SOMEONE in NTU is doing things right.. =P

Jazz & Blues Recruitment Fair 07/08

Then there’s the Welcome Tea.. the band did a couple of songs and we addressed their questions.. quite weird actually.. after the band performed they just sat there and didn’t really move. No one really touched the finger food either.. haha.. paiseh-freshie-syndrome. =)

Well that was last week and this week is the auditions and interview.. I can’t wait for it to be over. The auditions wasn’t VERY fruitful, but we managed to spot a few potentials.. heh. So that’s good news. All that’s left would be tmr’s interview.. *phew* hopefully we get potential ppl to take over the committee..

Jazz & Blues Welcome Tea 07/08

School work itself has been quite crazy too. It’s only week 3 and I’m starting to feel the stress.. of course, traveling 2 hours to school is also starting to take its toil on me.. which is why I thank God for providing me with a hostel. Hall 12. Not exactly my first choice since it’s so far from my classes and totally at the other end of where I’m used to but hey.. at least I got a place.. there’s probably also a good reason why I’m there.. so just need to figure that part out.

My room mate hasn’t moved in yet.. so for now I got me a single room.. *cheers* hah.. and praying that he won’t be turning up anytime soon. Heh. Now I just need to find out where the pantry and water cooler is.. apparently my new neighbours aren’t too helpful too.. they didn’t even know that they had a mailbox.. hah. And he was going to go for classes today during the ‘Union Day’ period.. if I hadn’t stop him he’d probably be the only one in class waiting.. =P which also makes me wonder.. why NTU must have one of these Onion uhhh.. Union Day thing. They should just leave the classes on instead of disrupting everything. I think it does more harm than good.. hur.. and this year, both candidates contesting for the EEE Chairperson are both from China. Help.. they’re taking over the world I tell ya..

Happy Birthday Singapore!

oh and I’ve been eyeing on a polarizing filter for my camera.. I’m waiting to see if this fad wears out or whether I should really get one. There’s this shop off ebay that sells a brand new Polarizing Filter and UV Filter, together with a lens cap and an adapter tube to fit them onto my Canon Powershot A520.. all for the price of only 38 SGD, delivery inclusive.. It’s probably one of those things that I’ll just keep wondering whether I should get.. anyone have any comments/suggestions?

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