Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuborg Beer

Erdinger's fine.. really sweet and smooth taste that goes down real easily. Hoegaarden's good too.. just as smooth with a bit of a slight 'roughness' to it. But when you're looking for something that meets the mark, where you want the smoothness of an erdinger.. light enough to chuck down easily.. but yet, still having enough oomph and punch that they're golden/clear counterparts have.. look no further.

Meet Tuborg. It wasn't till this past weekend that I had my first sip. And looks like the first impression was a long-lasting one.. addictive if I may say. You get the sweetness and smoothness of an Erdinger.. the typical white-beer kinda flavour.. exploding with taste. But yet, you don't get the aftertaste that a Hoegaarden leaves behind. Add to that a punch that a regular Carlsberg/Heineken gives you.. fuse them together, say the magic word and walaa! You get Tuborg. And hey, they even have an idiot-proof pull-off bottle cap.. doesn't get any better.. *wink*

By far, the best beer I've tasted. Tried it at Fosters; English Rose Cafe at holland on friday.. the nice waitress was kind enough to recommend their promotional beer and I thot.. 'uh, what the heck.. can't be THAT bad'. Heh.. I'm so happy I tried it.. and then a trip down to Cold Storage and I saw it there too.. apparently, Carlsberg owns them.. they're probably new to the whole beer scene in singapore.. but they've made quite an impact I guess.. (at least to me) heh..

so go ahead.. go grab one and let me know how you feel about it. =)

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