Friday, July 31, 2009

Property of..

.. the SAF.

There’s probably no hiding it now.. I’m now ‘one of them’. It wasn’t exactly the start that I expected, since I still have to wait up to a month for them to officiate the documents.. but this is pretty much it. I’ve now a new sticker on my 11B.

I can already foresee the comments that will come streaming in.. brace urself alvin. Brace..


darda said...

silly baby. there's nothing bad with being a regular. jus dun lose number 5 *wink*

Gabriel Wu said...

haha brace yourself indeed. no 2 on your comments, yay :)

not the start you expected, but it isnt a bad choice as you're putting to good use the two years in NS which would otherwise have gone to waste.

well, wishing you the best in this path that you've chosen. rise the ranks sufficiently and you'd be guaranteed quite a cushy life upon retirement :)

Anonymous said...

are you sure you made the right decision? have you thought of the ppl around you and how they feel? is this the only chances, do you think you can bare it through, lots of ppl drop out and do you know how much trouble is that?

shaphone danced`` said...

jia you!! =]]]]]]

ArkAngel said...

Hey fuzzy.. haha now you get all the medical benefits! Are you gonna be able to get back into the commandos?

Dude. He made it through both the commandos and OCS. And then the commmandos' officer conversion course. So I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing, and he can bear it. Yes that's right, it's spelled B-E-A-R.

Anonymous said...

Go eggie!!

And rem, if you're gg to "run", take me wif ya! haha...

So happy that you're starting work soon... awww, my baby bro's a big boy now *lol*

All ze best! =P

BTG said...

Hmm treat on the first paycheque? =)

patched-up said...

yep. sounds like a good idea.

thanks for the love everyone..! =)