Monday, September 7, 2009

Touched by an Angel

Work’s started and it’s been a helluva ride the past 5 days. From signing the contract to trying to settle in quick, even tho so many thing’s undone, and left hanging. For one, I still haven’t exactly figured out my appointment yet, so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. I just know that I’ve to report to work and take it from there.. Perhaps I’ll find out in due time..

The motive of this post probably isn’t exactly abt me whining and complaining that I’ve started work, or to share my sad story with the world. Everyone has one, and everyone’s probably tired of hearing another sad story.

Nope, my point this round is to mention, on the other hand, how fortunate I am, to have been touched by an angel. And since there’s no way of making this sound non-cheesy, I might as well serve it with an extra portion of mozzarella...

You’ve been my column of strength thru all these years, even though outwardly I may not show it, just like the steel foundations that work quietly on the inside to hold a skyscraper up, you’ve been my quiet refuge where I turn to for comfort and strength.

From the time we first met, u’ve never restricted me from being who I am, from doing the things that make me come alive. U’ve never cast a judging eye on the way I behave when I’m with you.. U’ve allowed me space to grow into who I am, and not try to make me someone I am not..

Through the time in the army, I had my fair share of laments and melancholy and I know it didn’t just affect me. It affected u too. It stretched you too. It weighed down on u, but yet, u were always there to welcome me with open arms, and a comforting hug. U were always there to encourage me and to believe in me, when even sometimes, I doubt my own abilities.

Throughout the countless exams, u were always there for me, to cheer me on, to surprise me at my door with the lovely cheesecakes and for comforting me especially on the sleepless nights before an examination. I have no idea how I would have done it without you..

And now, at yet another major crossroad in life, where changes are eminent and a fresh chapter begins, I would be more than lost, had it not been for your tender love and gentle comfort.. reinstating my believes in who I am, what I’ve done, and what I can accomplish.

They say that behind every successful man, there’s a women.. no, in my case, she’s an angel. Thus far in life, I look back and I dare say that I’ve been more than successful in my own terms. Blessings after blessings that I thank God for..

And so, over and above that, I also recognise that it’s not just any woman who’s supporting me, but a lovely angel sent from God to remind me how His love for me is like.

Thank you darling for always being there.. I love you.

My Angel


darda said...

you're my angel too.. *hugz*

ArkAngel said...

So you started work already? Cool. Prob explains why I don't see you online so often now ha. Pwnz them ok.

patched-up said...

yah, started work last work.. still trying to settle myself in. will prob take some time.. how's u?

ArkAngel said...

Still alive mostly haha. I took a train up to Ibaraki prefecture last week (usually we drive), and it cost me ¥1260 one way haha crazy stuff.

Great, great. You still doing pre-work stuff right? Have you got a posting or anything?

patched-up said...

somewhat got a posting already. but the finer details aren't in yet.. will have to wait out. now still quite the lull period, but starting next week, things should pick up pretty quick. =)