Saturday, July 17, 2010


Ok, let’s not get excited here.. yes, I’m still alive and this is the first proper post since for-never.. so anyway.

It’s been a long-short 3-month plus since course started and in a couple of weeks it’ll be the mid way point. Fast, definitely.. one way of seeing it is that somehow.. I’ve made it thru toward the halfway mark already. Slow, surely.. cos there were moments that lasted forever and seconds that seem to burn away in slow-mo as you wait there in anticipation/fear/anxiety/pain.

A few things hit me in the shower earlier (no, not the shampoo bottle) and that’s perhaps the inspiration and motivation to getting this post down. For a start, I think I’m getting Fitter, Smarter and will Die earlier now that I’ve experienced this half of the course.

Definitely.. needless to say, when you start working out 3-4 times a week, something’s gotta change. I’m just thankful I have really injured myself big time although I’ve come awfully close on some encounters. I’m clocking my fastest time for the tests that I’ve ever clocked in my entire life.. even beating my supposed ‘fittest time of my life’ while I was serving ns last time.

I’m now dealing with a whole load of different situations that I’ve never had to encounter with previously. Perhaps it’s because previously, no matter what I did, there was someone above to report the issue to. So when servicemen A tells me he has some issues, and I find it too big, I naturally refer it to boss B, who will take over from there. Job done, I’m happy.. or at least I think it’s done and I feel less involved.

But now it’s taken on a whole new approach.. I’m dealing with anal issues both on and off the job-scope and there’s no one higher I can/should/want to report to due to the nature of the course.. which leads me to my last point of enlightenment..

Dying Earlier.
Morbid I know.. but hey.. when u start having an enormously huge sleep debt to pay back.. it comes almost close to impossible to do it. There comes a time when the weekends are simple not enough to catch back on the rest and recharge. Couple that with the stress that comes from both on top and sideways, and the pressure to keep myself up to speed in the course and the unspoken responsibility to lead the class, dying earlier suddenly seems like a good way out after all. Hah. So inevitably, ur lifespan gets shorten with all these.

Ok, so much for trying to keep the post up to date with what’s going on with me.. I also recently (well, not THAT recent anymore) got a new phone.. =) HTC Snap, and it even comes with a free hard-cover case..

A brilliant little device that has a tonne of functions which I’ve yet to explore all.. except that it works on a window platform and apparently no one has done a mod for the android to reside in it (yes, I have something against windows). If there are any lovely programmers who are willing to give it a shot, I’ll be willing to test out ur betas. Hahaha.. oh and did I also mention that it’s NOT a camera phone? So it means I can happily bring it to work.. brilliant. =)

Ok, the sleep debt’s getting back to me and I’m starting to find it difficult to find the cursor on my monitor. Haha.. time to go.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

ArkAngel said...

Haha well don't think of it as dying faster, but being able to meet God earlier than the rest of us.

Sounds like you're doing fine though!

ArkAngel said...

btw bro, think you'll like this link.

patched-up said...

hah.. that's really seeing the glass as half full!