Saturday, October 15, 2011

Me Time..

It’s the first lazy Saturday since my return.. quite a few things have happened since my return. Quite a few things have happened since I was Gone for that matter.

Haven’t quite settled in to the whole routine yet. I’m still waking at odd hours and jumping out of bed. Still having trouble sleeping. Still fighting the urge to reach that snack.

Granny’s moved out too.. she was supposed to stay with us while I was away. But then things changed and she stayed with us the day I touched down. But also, becos for the past 2 weeks things have been back-to-back with me running around due to work and the new house.. and trying to settle the after-work stuff for the wedding.. I haven’t exactly much time to spend with her. It saddens me to see her in this frail state. Just a year ago, she was in the pink of health and how she’s so frail. All I could do was to sit beside her and hold her hand last night.

Sometimes, I do wish that I could rewind the clock. And re-live the past as how I am now.. but of course, it’s never gonna be possible. This morning, dad sent her to my aunt’s place. A part of me feel like I should have spent more time with her when she was at my place.. I had no excuse. She was just here. I have gone without sleep for a month before.. this would be nothing. To squeeze out some time to spend with her.. but I didn’t.

Some things u only get one shot at, I pray I don’t live to regret my actions over the past 2 weeks..

Found a nice song.. ANOTHER nice song. Seems like they’re here to stay on my playlist.

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