Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have a Kitchen.. so I will cook.

It’s been waay too long since my last post. Amongst the excuses that I can think up, includes: moving too many things to the new place.. trying to settle down in the new place.. the all important event of the year that was my wedding (which, I better state now, that it warrants another post all by itself).. trying to be mr fix-it-all and putting the things from ikea together myself.. trying to settle back to work..

So some of the things that HAS actually happened in the past few months since the last post would be that, 1) I got married! 2) I had a hunnymoon 3) I’ve since moved into my new place 4) the place is a mess and I’m still up to my ears trying to sort it out and am still currently living out of a suitcase.. I guess that’ll be 4 posts that I should be writing about individually in the near future then. Hurhur..

So anyways I’ve finally gotten down to moving the monster of my desktop to my place and I’m happily furnished with an internet connection and for the first time in my life *breathe* CABLE TV!! Haha, I now finally experience how it’s like and why it’s possible to actually sit in front of the tv the whole day. Hah.

Today marking the 3rd day of CNY this year, we decided to make lunch + dinner.. and between that, I decided to bake cookies.. so I typically spent the whole day in the kitchen. Hah.. well done.

Lunch was a simple fish thing.. trying out this new frying pan thing we got. Then it was baking time! Cookies.. the perfect excuse to break in my new oven.. =)


Then dinner came along and I pulled out the beef that we got yesterday.. mr chuck tender. =) thanks to the montreal steak seasoning, I FINALLY figured out how to get a perfect tasting steak. Can’t believe how simple it actually is and I can’t believe I actually spent all that time burning my previous steaks in the marinade I tried to DIY. What nonsense.. it’s so simple actually.. just sprinkle and cook. Wah la! *mutter*

mr Chuck Tender..

And then to top it off, there was the perfect glass of Princess Moscato.. and yes, we were thinking of u sharo, when we drank that glass.. =P

It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!

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