Monday, March 19, 2007

Quiz Quiz Quiz..

Quizzes galore this past week.. been one hack of a week and a really short weekend..

So anyway, I stumbled upon this website that was promoting For the bulk of the time I started this blog, other than posting some useful (and mostly silly) posts, I’ve also been looking and snooping around the various ways to increase traffic into my site. Everyone has his own winning formula and they all have the statistics to show it.. and of course, there’s the never-ending spam sites out there that promise to deliver 1000 visitors to you if you would just sign up with their program or something.. well, so much for that. I realized that traffic may be important, but well, as long as the content of a site is good, the traffic will eventually come, alright, so maybe it’ll take a while but the word’ll probably get around and soon ppl will get to know your site.. my point is, I believe that content should be the highest priority.. not so much about getting the right keywords that will serve some high paying advertisements or stuff like that, but more of getting readers to gradually like your blog.. and to like it for the good posts that you have on it..

Ok, how on earth did I get all the way talking about that.. uhh! Right. ok, so I was looking through it and it’s a really massive community. It’s got so many kinds of blogs, you name a word, and there’s probably a blog about it.. there are some pretty good sites that I came across that teach you how to do neat stuff with your blog (tips and all). It’s really quite eye-opening.. so far, I’ve only been looking around blogs that are written by friends and ppl I know, but these blogs I’ve seen.. that’s some good stuff.. good quality.. it’s perhaps the reason why these ppl are full time bloggers and making a living from it... It’s inspirational I guess.. it makes you want to create a good blog.

Alright, so anyway, on the topic of Quizzes and tests, i thought the following are some pretty interesting stuff. I’m taking a math module this semester (and for the next 2 semesters.. how sad) and just MAYBE.. I might try one of these.. heh.

This one's my favourite. It's so original, why didn't i think of this at my O Levels..

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Xevia said...

I'm glad you joined the blog log community, I am addicted to reading people's blogs and stuff now!