Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tick Tock

Time check.. it’s 14th march. 5 more weeks to exams!! *scream*

So anyway, this week is one of the crazier weeks, for a start there’s 3 tests, 2 have passed, now left with one on Saturday. Then there’s practice later tonight and I’m probably gonna be involved on Saturday’s services too.. so that’s gonna be quite a rush on sat. And it’s raining so heavily now.. hopefully it’ll stop soon or I’ll have no idea how to get to church without getting my guitar warped in the rain..

Completing the online scholarship submission to Singapore Airlines.. let’s hope it goes well this time.. hopefully I’ll at least get thru the first part. It’s such a pain trying to complete the thing.. so much information that you have to fill up.. I kinda doubt they actually read thru everything.. like seriously. I cannot be the only one applying for it.. there’s gotta be like tonnes of A level students.. and while your at it, add in the poly students who will be enrolling this year. And then top it off with ppl like me scouting around for scholarships who are open to current undergraduates.. that’s a lot la! It’s getting quite demoralizing counting the odds actually.. wateva.

Oh well, oh and it was Jean’s birthday this week.. so had quite a hearty meal.. abit too much actually.. I think rendang, prawns and Belgian chocolate cake (which tasted like it had liquor) don’t mix. At least not for me.. I think I had a nuclear fall-out in my tummy (think rolling about in pain). It’s weird tho.. it feels a little like gastric and I had a really stiff tummy.. lots and LOTS of air. Haha.. well, so that was one terrible night and the next day was math quiz. Sickening.. Laplace and Fourier.. BAAH!

Happy birthday Jean!

Oh and it’s march. I forgot this month’s quote of the month. Haha.. coincidently it’s ‘Despair’. Haha..

It’s March! Quote of the month.. Utter despair.. heh.

==updated on 15 Mar @ 0036 hours==

I GOT IT!! LTA yaukhai sent me the whole list of checkpoints that reside in lower mandai! haha. now it's just a matter of time before i find you cp drum. unfinished business.. =) great, now i can't wait for the papers to be over so i can go for a walk again. the anticipation's killing..


Anonymous said...

Awww... poor eggie stomach spoil ah... *in a worm's voice* Oh dear... =P

ArkAngel said...

'Tis wasn't me.