Friday, November 30, 2007

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Got a little bored. Then realized that they’re gonna make the movie! How cool is that. Just that it’s not gonna be the cartoon version that I used to watch almost 15-18 years ago. It’s some animated CG thing.. oh well..

Then decided to look up the net for some pictures.. ended up with a colouring-book picture. Decided to print it and try my hand at colouring again.. I mean, seriously, WHEN was the last time you picked up colouring pencils and coloured something, just for fun.. heh.

Theodore, Alvin and Simon. =)


Meirz said...

The colouring's pretty neat :)

Hazel said...

-not bad but i can do better!!!
-besides, Theo's outfit is green!!!
-geez....get it rite!!!>={

patched-up said...

It is green.. it's a teal-green tone.. maybe you should adjust your monitor's colour..