Friday, November 23, 2007


".. and so it is. With the last shot ringing and the distant sounds of burning debri in the background and smoke billowing from the objective.. he lifts his trigger finger from the Pentel 0.4mm Black Pen and stands over the recaptured land. OUR recaptured land.. "

Gentlemen, as you would have known by now, the situation in the west of Blueland has now been lifted. The republic has since been reinstated to the status of THREATCON level B. The final battle over the North Academic Spine (Exam Hall C) of the RAF-held stronghold proved to be the last struggle as they declared an all-out war on our forces.

Heavy losses were incurred as a result, at the intial stages (Qn 1) of the battle, but the stronghold eventually let up and Blueland Armed Forces once again took control over the whole campus, thereby ending the war.

Redland Armed Forces has since been pushed back into their territory and a FEBA line drawn up along the straits seperating the 2 countries.

For Honour and Glory..


Finally over.. 6 papers in 10 days.. only NTU is capable of such madness..

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