Saturday, February 9, 2008

Istana 2008

Didn’t actually plan to go visit mr president.. but chance had it that it was opened to the public.. 2nd day of CNY.. so dropped in and took a look.

First impression: IT’S A MIGHTY LONG WALK JUST TO GET IN and see that building.. how dreadful.. goodness me. The view was nice tho, and it sort of reminded me of the botanic gardens.. albeit a little less trees.. which leads me to the next impression..

Second impression: THAT’S WHERE ALL THE LAND IN SINGAPORE HAS GONE TO.. he’s got his own golf course.. how many ppl can actually say that. Hah! Even tho I don’t think he plays it.. I thot I heard that the late president ong played golf.. but never heard of the current one doing golf.. oh and it’s also an interesting feeling. You’re in downtown orchard.. where every few metres there’s some building or construction going on.. but yet, hidden away behind the huge gates and the 2 guards, is actually a very lush and spacious place.. how lovely.. a nice fusion of sensations and space.. a retreat getaway in the heart of a metropolis.. =) truely fit for a king, or in this case, a president.

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