Monday, March 10, 2008

IT Show 2008

Visited the IT Show on Saturday..

I went, I found and I expanded..

Got me a new external hard disk.. whopping 500Gb, since the 1Tb is just not worth its price.. now that’s what I call space. =)

My new hard disk, affectionately named ‘Monster’.

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SheEp said...

That's a gotta-get-me-one-of-those kind of gadget! *Drools* Lol. So much space, so little time! :P I went to the IT show too. On the last day, Sunday, not a very good idea. Snail-pace was a new thing I experienced in terms of human traffic. -_-"

Went to scout and buy a digicam for my church friend's sister's 21st birthday. And waddayanoe, colour was more important than function! We got a FujiFilm Z10 (in metallic lime green) against my recommendation of a Cannon Ixsus 80 IS. *Slaps forehead* Anyway, the price was much cheaper, $259 vs $429.