Saturday, March 22, 2008

IA Retreat @ Changi Beach Club

Had a retreat for us IA students last Thursday, over at Changi Beach Club.. just next to hendon. Quite a nice place.. so many years I’ve been going to and from hendon, and yet I never knew that just further in, there was such a nice place.. really nice and quiet. Serene. The food, facility and view’s really good too..

Had a couple of team-building games, typical TBTL kinda stuff.. quite fun actually, contrary to what I’d had expected initially.. was actually quite apprehensive about the whole event.. heh. Had a simple workshop too and I found out I was a Reflective Observation (RO) kinda learner. Quite drastic actually, my graph shows quite a slant towards that direction.. and looking back, I totally agree with it. See? I AM blogging abt past events and my thots abt them after all right? =)

So anyway, the retreat was good all in all. Had a really nice time getting together with the other students from the other blocks.. and especially those in 5-20a.. the ppl in ur workplace really make all the difference in how you feel going to work day-in-day-out. And I’m thankful I’m in a roomful of fun-loving jovial pple.. couldn’t ask for more.

Took quite some scenic shots there too.. quite amazed at how the pictures turned out.. it feels good to just walk around with a camera and snap away.. A nice relaxing feeling that’s really quite addictive.

Bottom Left: my personal favourite.. will prob be part of my wallpaper for a long time.. =)

Oh, and it was as if the stars were aligned and smiling down at me. I managed to catch Clarence in the 20-odd hours that he was in Singapore over on Thursday night. Decided to try asking him out and lo and behold, he was still in camp.. good supper, good catching up.. have to do it again soon when you’re back.

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