Saturday, October 4, 2008


Oxymoron, n.
1. Rhetoric. A figure of speech in which a pair of opposed or markedly contradictory terms are placed in conjunction for emphasis.
2. More generally: a contradiction in terms.

That’s what oxford gave for the definition of the word. Another way to see it would be at this link.

So I came across this site (thanks to SQ and Sam for sharing) and it’s a Microsoft initiative to provide “Professional Developer and Designer tools for students at no charge”. See? Microsoft’s giving away FREE development kits.. Free Microsoft Products. Now that’s an oxymoron for you..

It sorta makes me wonder since when Microsoft started to align themselves to be lesser of a profit-making organization and to actually encourage students.. somehow, in the deepest darkest corners of my heart, even though I’d like to believe that they’re starting to be more community-minded, I still feel that perhaps they’re just losing too much of the market share to the open-source community and other penguin-friendly development kits and environments.. thus needing to create some awareness.. and who better than to target students.. once you hook them and they graduate, they’ll be suckers purchasing ur faulty, buggy and malfunctioning softwares.. haha..

So anyway, if you’re gonna use it, u better go download them quick.. not sure when they’ll stop providing this service.. =)

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