Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tanjong Balai

Welcome to Tanjong Balai..

life crabs for dinner.. =)

unlike the durians you get around Singapore, these are not cultivated.. heard something abt the fella going around picking the durians.. but really good still.

Long Beach anyone? =P

that's dinner.. a whopping 8 course meal including some herbal chicken thing, sour/spicy fish, pork knuckle, lobster and claypot curry crab.. happening.

the cool thing is that mu jie (the chef; 3rd from the right) has got 3 woks. now I know this is probably common, but it's seldom that you get to go into the kitchen and watch the chef prepare your dinner, and then zip out immediately when its done to eat it. Nothing like that in Singapore.. =)

and that's brunch the next day.. really good assam fish..

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