Saturday, November 1, 2008

Speed Star 3

Decided to take a break from the endless simulations.. something tells me I should be trying something different. Ok, so anyway, it’s been right about a week since I got me a new pair of shoes.. and inspired by smurf’s blog, I shall introduce my new pair of shoes..

asic’s Speed Star 3..

Meet my new asics.. SpeedStar 3. So the story starts with me wanting to get back the DS-Trainer series (being the typical me).. and since it’s served me so well, I figured I might as well continue with a line that I’m at least familiar with. The new DS-Trainer 13 comes in this white/black/green colour which doesn’t look too bad, and it has a variant which is nice and bright orange too.. either seemed fine really..

A trip down to Queensway and I soon realize that I they didn’t have my fit. See right, I’m a US size 8 (yes, Tiny-Feet I know, it’s not my fault) but the new cutting of the DS-Trainers are abit different, so I’d need an 8.5 according to all the reviews, but the biggest size they had was 8 which were too small, and being such a popular model, I really don’t think there’ll be stock in anytime soon, so after much persuasion I decided to try the Speed Star series..

The forefoot area is definitely not as snug as the DS-Trainer series.. I vaguely remember that the DS-Trainers have some ‘Biomorphic Fit’ thing, that helps to fit the shoes snugly to your fore foot over time, but it’s lacking in the Speed Stars.. so it leaves my fore foot quite ‘empty’.. sounds weird to say, but it just doesn’t feel so snug.. like there’s somehow still a good amount of room to squiggle ur toes in, no matter how much u try to tighten the front.

That aside, it’s just as light and the cushioning’s superb.. quite obviously, it’s definitely better then the modest New Balance that ah-gong provides u with.. so I’m really not complaining. And if like my previous pair, it will last me for the next 3 years then that’s 130 bucks well spent.. =)

Oh and I just realized that Poh got himself a yellow pair of shoes too! haha.. how interesting. Great Minds.. =)

Now I just need to work on that dreaded SBJ.. urgh.

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